Not big on drinking coffee? You’re in luck. A professor from Brandeis University has developed a caffeinated flour that will revolutionize the way you get your morning dose of caffeine in.

According to Eater, by cooking par-baked green coffee beans for a short period of time at a low temperature, Professor Daniel Perlman was able to create a flour filled with chlorogenic acid (CGA), an antioxidant that slows down the release of glucose in the body. The benefits of consuming green coffee beans include reducing heart disease, diabetes, and aiding in weight loss.

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The green coffee beans that Perlman uses to make the flour have four times the amount of CGA as regular roasted beans. Now, with a patent-approved process, Perlman hopes people will use the flour in items like cereal and baked goods. He tells the Globe, “It mixes into any food you can imagine…It’d be great to have breakfast muffins with this ingredient — not only for the antioxidant but for the natural boost.” Imagine incorporating this caffeinated flour into a weed edible. You’d get a boost of energy and you’d get stoned at the same damn time.

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Due to recent studies suggesting the benefits associated with drinking coffee, companies have begun adding new caffeinated products to the market, hoping people will latch on to a trend that will help them wake up by drinking less coffee.

Another company hoping to revolutionize the coffee industry is Death Wish, who created a brew so strong, it can make you feel high. By packing twice the amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee, Death Wish has now become what owner Mike Browns believes is the strongest coffee currently on the market.

In addition to Death Wish, the people over at STEEM created a caffeinated peanut butter packed with the same amount of caffeine in two cups of joe in just two tablespoons.

But not everyone is keen on this new trend. Back in November, a New York senator warned about the dangers associated with eating highly caffeinated products like the peanut butter, particularly in regards to children. He explains, “This may look like an ordinary jar of peanut butter, and it may cost the same as a jar of peanut butter, but the fact is, it’s much more dangerous than an ordinary jar of peanut butter…the FDA does not require the amount of caffeine to be listed on food labels. So this stuff and other snacks can have a lot of caffeine and the consumer wouldn’t even know. If they allow it, it can spread to all kinds of other snacks, even Popsicles, candy, things that kids eat. It needs some regulation.”

But adults sick of drinking cup after cup of coffee in order to function in the morning can now look forward to a new way to wake up, plus plenty of antioxidants.

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