Nowadays, you can’t even pull up to a Chipotle location without someone warning you that you might get sick. Chipotle understands this and wants to earn back your trust by offering something that everyone can get behind: free food.

Maybe your eyes have tastebuds too.

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After suffering through a seemingly endless cycle of health scare after health scare, Chipotle is ready to bounce back to show you it is still the burrito chain you know and love. Here is how it’s going to work:

Each Chipotle store will have the opportunity to serve twice the amount of free food it is normally allowed to; although, when that free food is given out is a decision left completely up to the store manager. But before you go and bag on this new promotion, think about its potential for greatness:

  • You’re almost guaranteed to cop some sort of free taco or burrito bowl in the near future.
  • If you’re living near a couple of Chipotle locations, think of it as double the opportunity to get free food.

Surprised to hear that Chipotle even has a free food budget to begin with? So are we. But CFO Jack Hartung explains, “We’ve always had it, but it just kind of drifted to such a low-grade level that it was kind of non-existent.”

“Hey ladies, can I holler? Not the digits, the chips.”

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The enticement of free food is just one of the ways Chipotle plans to bring back customers who’ve become weary of the restaurant. In addition to the free food, Chipotle has plans to have a nationwide staff meeting on February 8th—during which the company will shut down all its stores—to determine the best food safety methods to ensure this will never happen again.

Chipotle’s future is looking pretty bright, and investors have taken note. As of Friday morning, at the time this article was written, Chipotle’s stock price is continuing to rise, this time by 1.02%.

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