Any Business 101 class will teach you that in order to sell a successful product, you have to create something people want but don’t already have. What better way to build a following of loyal customers than by adding some addictive drugs to your food? It’s almost guaranteed to bring people back to your restaurant for more.

While the idea sounds outrageous (and very illegal), this is exactly what went down in China. According to CNN, thirty-five restaurants have been busted for serving powdered opium to their customers.


Opium is an illegal drug derived from the opium poppy and used to create many well-known drugs, like heroin and morphine. The substance is so potent that even eating a poppyseed bagel before getting drug tested can potentially make you fail a drug test.

Currently, five restaurants have been prosecuted for illegally feeding people opium while the other thirty are still under investigation. The drug was found incorporated into dishes including fried chicken, noodles, grilled fish, and hotpot.


An opium den in Chinatown, San Francisco (Photo: Wikimedia)

Oddly enough, China is no stranger to food scandals. Back in July, a Chinese shrimp vendor was busted for filling shrimp with gelatin and plastic glass to make the food appear more plump. In 2014, fast-food restaurants including McDonald’s and KFC were found guilty of using expired meat in their food.

[via CNN]