It appears as if chain restaurants are becoming the best place to grab a sandwich, fries… and a haircut? WSOC-TV reports that a man was caught nonchalantly cutting another man’s hair in the middle of the dining room a Burger King in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Erin Gladden—who recorded the incident on her phone—tells the news station that she was visiting the restaurant at lunch time last Sunday when the whopper of a haircut went down.

Gladden says the man giving the haircut had a conversation with an employee asking to use the restaurant: “He said something about the wind outside blowing or something.” The employee then allegedly gave him permission (“OK. Don’t make this a habit.”) The man then grabbed a fistful of napkins from the dispenser, went over to the other gentleman, “tucked them in his collar and started cutting his hair.” It is unclear if either of the men actually worked at the restaurant or just were customers who used it as a salon.

Gladden says she was most surprised by the fact that none of the employees acted like a man giving another man a haircut in the middle of a restaurant was a big deal: “What level did they think that would be OK with anybody?” Even Burger King’s corporate office seems weirdly okay with the situation. A spokesperson told the news station a haircut had indeed taken place in the dining area, adding that the “restaurant has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.” No investigations by the health department are being made at this time, and no employees have been fired.

This is the second time this month that people have been caught doing their hair in a restaurant. One Arkansas resident was just trying to get his waffle and hash browns on at a local Waffle House when he noticed an employee dipping her hair in a pot and then another employee helping her dry it off with one of the restaurant’s towels. In this case the employees were fired and the manager noted that he was “embarrassed” that the food came scattered, smothered, and covered in hair.

[via WSOC-TV]