When employees pack up their things on their last day of work, they typically grab their belongings and quietly head out the door. But not Twitter user @Johnalexcorrea. This guy’s last day at Burger King was truly one for the books: he swiped the location’s entire stash of chicken nuggets. Why? Because he can.

Johnalexcorrea tweeted photos of his getaway, which showed the kidnapped nugs safely buckled up in his car. Supporters on Twitter cheered him on in hopes that he might share the nuggets with the world. One user even shared his own allegedly stolen loot when he left his job at McDonald’s.

But Johnalexcorrea doesn’t plan on ending his stunt with the getaway. He jokes that he plans on selling the nuggets on the black market… but is he joking?

Pulling off a feat like this might have made Johnalexcorrea an internet hero, but the poor guy can probably never show his face in that Burger King again. And for that, we salute this brave soul, and for stealing copious amounts of nuggets just to go viral.


[via Mashable]