This past Sunday, Buffalo Bills supporters proved to be the craziest NFL fans of all time. At a Bills game against the New York Jets, one not-so-sober man attempted to extinguish a burning table by jumping on the flame and setting himself on fire.

Clearly, the man didn’t heed the elementary school tip to stop, drop, and roll. Instead, he opted to frantically run through the crowd and place himself back on the flame that set him on fire in the first place.

Fans looking to lend a helping hand poured one out on to their friend, eventually extinguishing the flame. Beer, as it turns out, can actually put out a flame (unlike vodka and whiskey). Need proof? Back in January of 2014, one firefighter was able to extinguish an 18-wheeler fire by using nothing but Coors Banquet beer. If that’s not an excuse to always keep a stash of cheap beer in your possession, we don’t know what is.

[via Mashable]