Everyone has an idea of what they would spend their lotto winnings on. After all, who wouldn’t want some extra spending money to buy a mansion, new car, puppy, or even a $700 ticket to Guy Fieri’s Super Bowl feast?

But while everyone else stocked up on Power Ball tickets, dreaming of winning the $1.5 billion prize, one Greensboro, NC man won his own million dollar sum all thanks to a scratchcard. Brian Miller made the best decision of his life when he picked up a $20 scratchcard while shopping at his local Walmart for some barbecue sauce. He explains,

“I went for barbecue sauce and came back with the million. You can’t beat that.”

According to Fox 8, Miller had the option of choosing an annuity of $50,000 a year for 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. Miller opted for the annuity prize and now is set to receive $415,506 after Federal and State withholdings. He plans on putting the cash towards his daughter’s college fund and home mortgage payment.

The Miller family’s BBQ chicken must have tasted pretty great that night knowing there was a nice big check coming in the mail.

[via Fox 8]