Chances are, you’ve seen quite a few shots poured in your lifetime—but probably none as theatrical as this.

Meet Phillip Traber, the guy who is slaying the bartending game with his nimble, domino-shot talent.

Traber is a drink-pouring magician, re-imagining the way to consume Jagerbombs.

First, Traber fills a round of shots with Jager.


Then, the real magic happens. After filling up the last of the fourteen shots, Trader tips the final glass into the pool of Red Bull, triggering a domino effect as the rest of the shots drop into place.


Clearly, the man knows what he’s doing. Traber’s YouTube channel is filled with inspiring bartending videos that make his Jagerbomb talent look easy.

But it looks like fourteen shots dropped isn’t the all-time best. Currently, the world record is held by Señor Frogs in the Bahamas with 4,107 shots dropped. #2016Goals

[via YouTube]