In-N-Out hit Sydney, Australia this week in the form of a much hyped pop-up shop. Although hundreds lined up for a Double-Double and some Animal Fries, one video proves that some Australians have no clue what In-N-Out looks and tastes like, and will believe anything if it’s told to them with a camera in their face.

The folks over at Junkee bought a bunch of Maccas burgers (that’s McDonald’s hamburgers in Aussie speak) and slapped an In-N-Out logo on them. Then they hit the streets to see if people would still gush over the Maccas burgers as if they were the real special sauce-covered deal.

The results: people love the Maccas disguised as In-N-Out, talk about how much they’ve been wanting it and how they’ve had it in America and it tastes the same (lol). They also proclaim how much better it is than McDonald’s (double lol). Basically they’re all full of it.

More interesting than the switcheroo, though, is how good that McDonald’s burger looks. It looks like a real brioche bun and the burger doesn’t even resemble the subpar McDonald’s burgers available in the U.S.

[via Junkee]