Here’s a no-sh*t fact of life: Humans frequently do horrible things to other humans. The latest example¬†comes from the U.K., where a 4-year-old was injured after being superglued to a McDonald’s toilet seat.

According to tabloid Mirror Online, Kaya Langmead was with her mother Nicole at the chain restaurant in Devon, England on New Year’s Eve when the incident happened.

[pullquote]”We had just ordered the food when Kaya said she wanted to use the toilet,” said Nicole.

I was waiting outside the toilets with my two daughters for quite a long time. We were just about to give up when these two [teenage] girls came out of the bathroom laughing.

“I didn’t think too much of it and Kaya went into the toilets.”[/pullquote]

Nicole then tells the outlet that she next saw Kaya come out of the restroom in tears. When Kaya explained that she been hurt, Nicole first suspected an accident had occurred; however, a quick examination of her daughter led Nicole to find glue and missing skin all over Kaya’s legs. Nicole then inspected the toilet seat itself and found glue.

While Nicole credited the staff for their helpfulness, the police are still looking for the alleged *ssholes: Two teenage girls, one who has blonde hair, and the other with shoulder-length brown hair.

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