As you start gearing up to make meals for this month’s festivities, let comedian Bill Burr be your holiday guide to creating an epic pie crust—”because you gotta do something, right?”


The former thug for hire on Breaking Bad gives a blunt and informative pie crust tutorial for anyone who might need a little extra help in the kitchen. You want tips? Burr’s got ’em, like how to measure butter using nothing but its packaging (as if you didn’t already know), and how to acquire unnamed cooking tools from your aging grandmother.


Burr’s deadpan humor and no-nonsense demeanor is a welcome antidote to holiday stresses. That the guy can do a pretty spot on impression of Rachel Ray always helps, too.

Although his cooking skills might not be Michelin-star worthy, the end result of his pie crust looks pretty decent. Fingers crossed he’ll start on a part two for pie filling.

[via YouTube]