Tokyo is on the forefront of fashion, art, music, and food. And now, at a December 28th rave in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, clubgoers will get to watch a 88-pound tuna be beheaded and sliced up into sashimi while 10 DJs spin house music.

tuna flyer

All Photos: Maguro House

The event, called Maguro House (Tuna House), is part of a growing trend of ‘tuna dismantling parties’ in Japan. During one of these parties, the crowd gets to watch fish mongers exhibit their craft of turning giant tunas into tiny slices of deliciousness. The main attraction is then plated and distributed to the audience. It seems like hundreds of people, alcohol, and raw fish would be a bad combination—but hey, who are we to judge.

At the Maguro House party, the 88-pound tuna will be served to clubgoers in the form of 200 pieces of sashimi. Tickets to the event are going for 2,500 Yen ($25), and women are allowed in free of charge.

tuna crowd

The concept for these fish-filet parties was the brainchild of Afromance, the event planners who—in addition to creating Japan’s version of burning man—once erected a 984-foot long water slide that spanned multiple city blocks and required a helmet to slide down.

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