Why steal diamonds and pricey electronics when you can steal thousands of pounds of perishable (and probably smelly) beef instead? According to the Associated Press, one bold unnamed thief managed to swipe 40,000 pounds—or 20 tons—of beef from Nicholas Meat, a meat plant in central Pennsylvania, late last month. That is enough to make 160,000 burgers, says a spokesperson for the factory.

burgers-stolen(Photo: Nikolas Rhose/Flickr)

Police tell the AP that a trucker loaded the $110,000 worth of meat into a “trailer during a scheduled pickup and drove off.” The driver was supposed deliver it to the client in Milwaukee, Wisconsin two days later but never showed up. It turned out that the driver had used a fake ID to get the delivery contract and that the “company information on the truck was also fraudulent.”

Does that meat that this was a pre-planned caper? What does one do with thousands of pounds of stolen beef anyways? Is there a black market for stolen beef or does the thief just plan to host the world’s biggest cookout? Authorities are currently investigating the situation.

Somehow this beef thief is not alone in his penchant for stealing pounds of meat. Earlier this year, a barbecue bandit went on a pillaging spree across San Antonio, helping himself to thousands of dollars worth of smoked meat in the process. In one instance, he took 13 smoked briskets, 10 cases of beer, and a brand new trash can for good measure. Neither of the capers are quite as epic as the heist that went down at a warehouse in Dublin last year. An organized team of thieves used two 40-foot trucks to walk away with at least 15,480 bottles of Jameson in addition to other bottles of booze.

[via AP]