Robbing restaurants is stupid. Sure, Pulp Fiction made it seem easy. But if you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, you know that no one pays in cash anymore, and more importantly, at the end of the night, all the cash is taken off premises or put into a safe.

Las Vegas taco spot Frijoles & Frescas is no different. According to Uproxxwhen two thieves broke into the restaurant on December 16th, they got away with nothing but some empty cash registers. And with a shattered door and some busted POS systems, the owners and managers had a lot to be pissed about. But instead of getting mad, they’ve decided to get even.

The next day, the restaurant had posted a video trolling the robbers, splicing security footage with fake subtitles and photos of its mouth-watering tacos. Frijoles & Frescas clowned the hapless thieves’ rock-throwing techniques, their lackluster searching skills (they made sure to check the stock room twice), and—most of all—their inability to find one single taco. No carnitas, no al pastor, no pollo, no nothing.

If they were better thieves, the dudes probably would have staked the place out earlier and realized that this particular taqueria has a pretty solid security setup, which got both guys faces clearly on camera…you can see them, of course, at the end of the video posted by the restaurant, along with a LVPD phone number to call and report them.


The lesson? Don’t steal from restaurants, and certainly don’t mess with a spot whose employees are talented at Final Cut and Internet shaming. We have no doubt that Reddit, 4Chan, and the rest of this wild web we live on will find these guys in no time, and finally get them the tacos—err, jail time—they deserve.

[via Uproxx]