In recent years, Taco Bell has solidified its clout in the fast-food arena. Already a favored destination for late-night revelers and teens with munchies on the mind, the franchise crossed over into the breakfast game and hasn’t looked back.

The chain’s sizable menu—spanning from five-layer burritos, to waffle-style breakfast tacos, to its bold (if not ridiculous) innovations—offers plenty to choose from. But as a gourmand slumming at TB, you’re not there for the basic hard-shell tacos and normal-people quesadillas. You want the secret stuff.

To save you some digging, we rounded up the various options on Taco Bell’s hush-hush menu, from enchiritos to The “Incredible Hulk,” to see how they rank on the scale of deliciousness.

Here are five items off Taco Bell’s secret menu, ranked from worst to best. 

5. Cheesarito

Price: $1.19
What is it: Melted cheese, red sauce, and scallions wrapped in a soft tortilla

The verdict: If you’ve ever tried a quesadilla, you know the combination of cheese with a soft, slightly toasted tortilla is almost godly. Yet the Cheesarito missed the memo about “melting” the cheese, which defeats the purpose of ordering it in the first place. The melty goo factor is essential to any ‘dilla but was sorely lacking in this instance. No amount of Fire Sauce could save it.

4. The Incredible Hulk

Price: $1.99
What is it: A beefy five-layer burrito stuffed with guacamole in place of sour cream

The verdict: With a name like that, The Incredible Hulk had us thinking “banger” off the bat. But the guac didn’t pack the punch we had hoped for, lacking that chunky texture that is so crucial.

3. Enchirito

Price: $1.99
What is it: An enchilada stuffed with beans, beef, and cheese drowned in red sauce

The verdict: Taco Bell’s red sauce is the stuff of legend. That’s what made us excited about the Enchirito, which is doused with the stuff. The sauce was pretty great—not too spicy, and definitely an upgrade from the bland Hulk burrito. But the dish is one-note. It’s mostly sauce, which overpowers the beans, beef, and cheese.

2. Superman

Price: $2.89
What is it: Cheesy double-beef burrito with sour cream, guacamole, red tortilla strips, and extra potatoes

The verdict: If you don’t think the best part of a breakfast burrito are the potatoes, you’re lying to yourself. Taco Bell’s Superman burrito is everything you love about a breakfast burrito, mixed with chips, beef, guacamole, and sour cream too. You get great texture and flavor in every bite. Clearly, potatoes in lunchtime burritos should be a regular thing.

1. Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Price: $2.99
What is it: Soft taco shell wrapped around a hardshell beef taco with a layer of cheese in between

The verdict: Coming in at number one is the king of all fast-food tacos—the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Due to its popularity, the CGC is now formally advertised at many TB locations, but still remains a secret-menu hack at others. It’s a perfect combination of soft and crunchy tortillas synthesized into one masterpiece, glued together with melted cheese. Taco Bell struck pure gold with this; Tex-Mex will never be the same.

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