Times of war call for radical change. Such is the case in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad is battling economic woes and dwindling funds by now taxing a popular street-food: shawarma.

The designated tax for these marinated meat operations belongs to a larger plan called the Reconstruction Tax, which includes higher fees for property and landlines, reports The Washington Post.

In addition to dealing with the hardships of war, residents are now miffed by the higher price point. One Damascus resident told the Agence French Presse, “Last week I had to pay 220 Syrian pounds for my shawarma sandwich instead of 200, and the restaurant owner told me it was because there’s a new 10 percent ‘reconstruction tax‘ that’s being imposed on each sandwich.”

Knowing shawarma’s ubiquity across the region, it seems al-Assad’s has taken a tactical approach in his pursuit to generate more money.

[via The Washington Post]