After a Thanksgiving filled with burnt turkeys and unfortunate-looking pumpkin pies, we all thought we’d get back in the kitchen and rectify our holiday struggles. Well, some of us failed.

But the collection of Christmas catastrophes below remind us that no matter how much we beat ourselves up over a less-than-perfect dish, there are always countless people who are struggling far more than we are.

From sad Santa treats to some mad questionable appetizers, here are 13 of the best struggle plates from Christmas dinner 2015:  

Not sure Santa will want to stop by for these cookies.

My cookies to Trevor I had to use pencil. #christmascookies #christmas #cookies #yourewelcome

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Who made this thing famous?

We’re all for kids meals, but if you’re over the age of five this is unacceptable.

My little christmassy pond :D #christmas #christmasdinner #food #potatosalad #friedtofu #fish #vegetarian #omnomnom

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You sure that ratio is even?

When the Yule log ends up looking more like an unshaven leg.

Santa or Squidward?

Thanksgiving redemption is not as easy as it looks.

Jesus would not be proud of this one.

No gingerbread man deserves this.

Peg leg or gingerbread leg bone? #Christmas #cookies #baking

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Aziz Ansari would not be down for these apps and ‘zerts.

If you can’t tell what’s on your plate, is it really worth eating?


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Did they pull this one out of the grill or the fireplace?

Meat Porn. #christmasdinner #meat

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