Yet another anti-pot marketing campaign backfired this week when the Internet got hold of New South Wales’ #StonerSloth campaign, which warns teens that they’re “worse on weed” through three PSAs featuring a cute animal failing at daily life.

“Stoner Sloth” is a teenage sloth who just can’t seem to do anything in a timely manner—he can’t finish a test on time, he can’t make conversation at a party, and he certainly can’t pass the salt at the dinner table.

We’re not sure if these ads give a bad name to stoners, sloths, or both, but we are sure that we would want stoner sloth at our dinner table or backyard party.


First, let’s address the party scene. The teens appear to be drinking alcohol, and they’re making fun of another teen for wearing socks and sandals. When asked for his opinion, Stoner Sloth mumbles some stuff and turns around. Stoner Sloth doesn’t want to participate in making fun of the way someone dresses, and stoner sloth certainly doesn’t want to wake up with a hangover the next morning. Good move, stoner sloth.

Next, at a family dinner, Stoner Sloth refuses to pass his mother the salt shaker after being asked repeatedly. Instead he picks up the salad bowl (which looks like it hasn’t been touched) and tries to pass it. So maybe stoner sloth is just the only one at the table who cares about the health of his family? Another win for Stoner Sloth.

The Internet has already heralded Stoner Sloth as a hero, and the good people at Quollism have remixed the dinner-table clip to portray him as the warrior against high blood pressure that we know he really is.

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