When the word robber comes to mind, you probably think of DMX at the beginning of Belly and the Hamburglar (or is that just us?).

But it looks as though Starbucks, with its white-collar clientele, attracts a different sort of bandit. Enter the man that Eater calls the “hipster Starbucks bandit,” who the Dallas Morning News says attempted to rob a ‘bucks at gunpoint at a Garland location last month.

Police released video footage of the man’s attempted robbery on Monday. The video depicts a guy with an uncanny resemblance of Breaking Bad’s Walter White threatening Starbucks stuff with a handgun as he demanded money. 
The suspect has been described as “6-feet tall, slim, with brown eyes and hair,” dressed in a “navy sweater over a white Oxford shirt, slacks, a trilby, and dress shoes.” The Morning News later updated the description with an important note: the man was wearing a fedora, not a trilby.

Anyone with information on the criminal can should contact Garland police at 972-272-8477 or visit garlandcrimestoppers.org. The man can most likely be spotted sifting through the latest collection at TopMan, or browsing through records you have probably never heard of at your local music store.

[via The Dallas Morning News]