E. coli can’t stop, won’t stop: Starbucks is the latest chain to fall victim to an outbreak of the bacteria. The coffee chain pulled its holiday turkey paninis from 1,347 locations across California, Oregon, and Nevada, reports BuzzFeed. The sandwiches all contained celery from Taylor Farms Pacific in its cranberry cornbread stuffing.

This is the same affected celery found in Costco’s chicken salad—a dish that is linked to a multi-state outbreak that has sickened at least 19 people. Some of the customers have ended up in the hospital with kidney failure. A spokesperson tells Bloomberg News that Starbucks took the sandwiches off of shelves last week and that so far, no one has fallen ill from the product.

The Starbucks paninis are just one of many products recalled due to the celery. Other affected foods include pre-made macaroni and potato salads, wraps, and snack trays sold at places like 7-Eleven, Target, Walmart, Safeway, and Sam’s Club. (Here the full list of recalled products.)

This E.coli strain is different from the one that Chipotle is currently dealing with. The burrito chain is linked to more than 45 cases of E. coli food poisoning across six states. However, the strain is much milder than that found in the celery from Taylor Farms Pacific and has not been linked to any cases of kidney failure.

[via BuzzFeed]