As Star Wars mania hits fever pitch in advance today’s The Force Awakens premiere, Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa, is looking to court fans with its “Come to the Dark Fried” burger. A local NBC affiliate reports that the burger was spawned by a social-media contest and features roasted chile “Vader” tots, Chew-bacon, C3P-Onion Rings, Emperor Pal-poutine sauce, Yo(u)da cheese. Slow clap.

Whether or not this monstrosity tastes good will have to be determined by the good people of Des Moines. Either way, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the maniacs over at Zombie Burger, who seem to be challenging PYT’s stunt-burger dominance with creations like this Hannukah sandwich with a matzoh-ball bun and a chicken-soup croquette:

The holiday season at Zombie Burger means the return of a #Hanukkah favorite!DYBBUK: Matzo ball bun, housemade…

Posted by Zombie Burger + Drink Lab on Friday, December 11, 2015

[via WhoTV]