Star Wars fans are a little obsessive. They create full-sized replica costumes, they camp out for movie tickets, and they keep coming back for more—even after Jar Jar Binks. And with The Force Awakens opening in theaters this Friday, everyone has caught the fever, including your local grocery store. But do you really need Yoda-branded grapes, or Jedis on your non-dairy creamer? These are the five most unnecessary Star Wars collectables and collabos (until the next episode).


Yes, you read that right: fruit. Bags of apples, boxes of grapes, bags of oranges…the produce aisle is down with the dark side. The healthiest option on this list comes from Sage Fruit, in Washington. We’re suggesting that you don’t try to save any grapes with Yoda’s face on the package for sentimental reasons, or Yoda won’t be the only shriveled green thing with white hairs.

Campbell’s Soup
For those times when you’re home sick and decide to watch all six Star Wars movies in chronological order and pretend that the noodles in your soup are fighting the Sith lords and representing the Galactic Federation. Yeah, for those times. And yes, the commercial is cute as all hell, but lets be real, that kid would have been way more stoked on Avengers soup; Star Wars soup is really for the adults.

Coffee Mate Creamers
Taking first place in the ‘who even comes up with this stuff’ category is the series of Nestle Cofee Mate non-dairy creamers donning the likeness of your favorite Drones and Jedis. It’s a “limited edition pack” that you could, but most certainly should not, keep for weird super-fandom reasons. No one—even your hardest-core Star Wars friends—will think that having these is cool five years from now.

Kraft Mac ‘N’ Cheese
This one sort of makes sense—kids like mac ‘n’ cheese, fun characters in their mac ‘n’ cheese is fun and exciting and mess-inducing, and that’s all well and good. But kids don’t care about collectible four-packs with your favorite characters on each box and a free poster inside (okay, maybe the kid will like the poster). On the backside of the C3PO-themed box the robot says, “My calculations say it’s cheesy!” Ours too, C3PO…super cheesy.

Star Wars Cereal
Putting the Honey Nut Cheerios bee in a Darth Vader suit and changing the wings of a Tie Fighter into Cinnamon Toast Crunch just wasn’t enough. Needless to say, Star Wars also has its own collectible, cereal that is essentially Lucky Charms but without the leprechaun.