Are you a diehard bro looking to unleash your inner Harry Potter at your next frat party? Get ready for Quidditch Pong.

The guys over at Unofficial Quidditch Pong have crafted one seriously intricate drinking game. Quidditch Pong is much like your classic beer pong, with the addition of three golden hoops, two beater bats, and of course, a snitch.

We got the #quidditchpong out. #harrypotter #quidditch #beerpong #christmaseveeve

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Here’s how you play: Each Qudditch ring is placed between the two sets of cups, with an additional “snitch cup” placed further apart from the rest. Teams take turns making shots with the added option of “casting spells” on the opposing team, because this is Harry Potter we’re talking about.

Unfortunately, as Mashable notes, the sets are currently out of stock. Looks like if you’re hoping to cop one of these bad boys before the start of your next semester, you’re going to need to get your name on a waiting list. Or at least head over to a craft store and try your hand at making your own Quidditch set.

[via Mashable]