For Pringles, nothing screams “Happy Holidays” quite like… hot dogs? According to the Impulsive Buy, the company behind the popular chips in a tube has released a new flavor based on the Summer barbecue staple—but in December. Called Hot Diggity Dog, the limited edition flavor is only available at Walgreens, and is supposed to taste like, well, like hot dogs. Consumerist notes that it’s unclear exactly what the chip tastes like and whether or not the flavor of condiments like relish and mustard make an appearance.

However, according to one brave Twitter user, the chips taste like “mustard and cardboard. And metal.” Delicious.

Pringles has a history of launching questionable chip flavors. In the past, the company has given the world a number of sweet flavors which feels even more off-putting—at least hot dogs are meant to taste salty. These sweet flavors include Milk Chocolate (which unfortunately involved a dusting of chocolate flavoring instead of the chips actually being chocolate-dipped), White Chocolate, and Pecan Pie.

All of these flavors, however, appear quite tame compared to chip flavors available around the globe. In Russia, they knock back bags made to taste like red caviar, while in China, people can pick up backs of lemon tea flavored potato chips. Japan is the reigning champion of experimental chip flavors: There, it’s possible to buy bags that taste like corn soup, shrimp and mayonnaise, butter and soy sauce, and even Caesar salad.

[via the Impulsive Buy]