It looks like Pizza Hut isn’t buying into the “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” creed of places like Papa John’s.

The New York Times reports that chief executive Greg Creed of Yum Brands, which owns Pizza Hut, thinks that the ‘za franchise should focus on making “its food easier to buy” rather than improve its product.

Creed believes Pizza Hut should model itself after Uber’s accessibility, saying “It’s easy to use, it’s easy to pay, it’s very easy to track.”

This perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise, as “company officials said…Pizza Hut generally takes longer to deliver.”

The Times reports:

[pullquote][Creed] added that there was a time when the way to beat the competition was to have a better product, but now he believes that convenience trumps quality, and that “nothing beats making better easy.[/pullquote]

In light of Dominos pizza emoji ordering capabilities, Pizza Hut hopes to shave off as much waiting time as possible.



[Via The New York Times]