For years, the popular grocery chain Trader Joe’s has gotten away with selling similar versions of our favorite foods, whether it be Ritz cracker-like wafers or the Oreo-esque Joe Joe’s. But all that may be coming to an end.

Reuters reports Pepperidge Farm, the masterminds behind the Goldfish brand, is suing Trader Joes for selling a cookie that looks a little too much like the brand’s classic Milano cookie.

The brand has accused the Trader Joe’s cookie of “mimicking [the] overall oval shape” and packaging of the Milano, despite having a more rectangular shape. Pepperidge farms explains, “The acts of Trader Joe’s have been malicious and calculated to injure Pepperidge Farm.”

Now, Pepperidge farm is looking to immediately put an end to Trade Joe’s production of the Milano-esque cookie and obtain “compensatory and punitive damages.”  

This could just be the beginning of big brands targeting Trader Joe’s knock-off products. Keep your fingers crossed that this lawsuit won’t give Oreo any ideas. Those holiday-flavored Joe Joe’s are to die for.

I’ll be working these off way into spring – as I am consuming these bad boys in mass quantities! #joejoes #traderjoes #candycane #cookies #addicted #issues #holiday #screwthediet

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[via Reuters]