Let’s be honest: when it comes to eating p*ssy, a lot of guys are amateurs. But keeping your woman happy is the most important, and should be at the top of your “to do” list each and every day.

And that’s why you should take a moment and watch the above video, in which porn stars demonstrate oral sex tips and tricks using oysters. A few tips from the knowledgable ladies:

  • “Do long licks up and down, spit on it, get it wet.”
  • “If she says ‘Don’t stop, keep going,’… don’t stop.”
  • “Don’t follow a pattern. Surprise her.”


And if you’re sitting there saying, I don’t need tips, I am a pussy-eating master!, just know that you should never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.


Want to continue discovering pleasuring best practices? Here’s a guide to fingering a girl, as demonstrated with fruit.

[via Simpe Pickup]

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