Shout out to American craft beer making a triumphant comeback. According to a year-end review from the Brewers Association, there are currently 4,144 breweries in the country, topping the historic high of 4,131 breweries in 1873.

Brewery openings now exceed two a day, which is huge considering there were fewer than 50 brewing companies and under 100 brewing facilities in the U.S. in 1978 (that was just 37 years ago!). How the tables—and taps—have

The Brewers Association has put together a dope interactive timeline of U.S. breweries and big craft-beer moments from 1873 to 2015. Take a look at it here.

Now that you’re in deep and about to drop mad craft brewery knowledge on your friends at the bar tonight, check out these other nifty facts compiled by the Brewers Association:

  • Fifteen states are now home to more than 100 breweries: California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Indiana.
  • IPA remained the top style sold by independent craft brewers, and continues to grow faster than the overall craft category.
  • Data shows that “locally made” is important to over half of craft beer buyers.
  • Knowing that the beer is made by a small and independent brewery is important to a majority of craft drinkers in their purchase decision.


[via Brewers Association]