Ever felt that you paid too much for a meal, but didn’t want to take out your displeasure on your server with a bad tip? Ever seen a napkin at a restaurant with a design that just perfectly matches that set of placemats you have at home? According to the New York Post you wouldn’t be alone; NYC diners take the five finger discount on all sorts of restaurant overhead, including, but not limited to silverware, glassware, and pig-shaped mascots. The kicker? The industry is generally letting it happen.

(Photo: Suryanyc.com)

Among the most swiped goods in the city, the Post noted the salt and pepper shakers from Rihanna’s favorite lunch spot, The Polo Bar, steak knives and decorative napkins from the Strip House, Surya’s copper mugs, and 21 Club’s place settings.

And while any college kid with a cupboard full of stolen pint glasses knows that restaurant thieving is a regular occurrence, it turns out that restaurants, or at least the expensive ones, mostly opt to turn a blind eye to the sticky fingers, even if they see it go down in front of them.

“The urge to say something is definitely strong, especially considering they cost about $10 each, but we’d rather have a customer leave happy than cause a scene,” said Surya co-owner Abishek Sharma about the copper cocktail mugs they regularly get swindled out of.

(Photo: Ralphlauren.com)

At the Polo Bar, management has had meetings about the salt and pepper shakers, but so far have decided to keep sending out invoices for new ones.

The most brash bit of restaurant thievery? Someone stole the large pig statue that served as the Spotted Pig mascot. We’re guessing it was a crazed Kanye fan mad that the downtown gastropub wouldn’t honor he and ‘Ye’s late night rez.

[via New York Post]