It’s been a rough year for the burrito, the tortilla wrapped foodstuff that is constantly finding itself in headlines. Turns out E.Coli isn’t the only filling burrito eaters need to look out for. According to the Bradenton Herald, burritos may come stuffed with heroin.

Local police are now on the hunt for a man who dropped off a burrito stuffed with a heroin-filled syringe to a patient at a hospital in Bradenton, Florida. The unnamed suspect gave the bag to a hospital employee and walked away. When the employee looked through the food, he found a syringe in the burrito, which the police determined contained the drug. The police are still on the hunt for the mysterious delivery guy.

As far as drug smuggling goes, hiding heroin inside a burrito is child’s play compared to other methods dealers have turned to. Last year, a Mexican drug cartel was busted for smuggling millions of dollars worth of weed inside of fake watermelons. Earlier that year, a man was found attempting to smuggle cocaine by stuffing it within frozen goat meat.

[via Bradenton Herald]