Ever since J.R. Smith was caught rolling around on one of those futuristic hoverboards, hypebeasts and thrill seekers alike have joined in on the craze. Turns out, hoverboards can do more than just move you around—they can help you flee the scene of a crime.

The Metropolitan police are out to find a man who stole a pack of Lucozade from a London Co-op on Streatham Road in Mitcham. The footage, which is from September but was just released today, shows a guy in a hoodie navigating the aisles of the supermarket before casually picking up a box of soda and gliding out the door. His guilt-free demeanor almost makes you wonder if he just forgot to pay.


While it has been several months since the man stole the box of soda, police are still asking civilians to come forward with any information. Mashable reports you can contact the police on 101 (quoting image number 192069), or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Whether you’re a fan of the hoverboard craze or not, you have to admit the segway-like contraption does a pretty great job aiding in burglaries. One can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue if police chased after a guy on a hoverboard.

[via BBC]