A robber who targeted a Little Caesars on the outer edge of Philadelphia left the store with about $250. Surprisingly, he also left the employee working the cash register with a sincere apology.

According to ABC 6, a man walked into the Little Caesars in West Oak Lane, PA, pushed a note to the employee asking for all the money in the register, and then put his hands in his pockets. The employee opened the register and handed the robber the cash. Before he left, the perpetrator said, “Sorry if you get fired. Be safe out there.”

You can see in the video of the the encounter above that the man definitely pauses after receiving the money and before leaving the store.

We can’t decide if his apology was actually sincere or the most sinister thing ever, but we’re going to give dude the benefit of the doubt and presume he really meant no harm to the employee.

And as for the cashier, we can’t imagine that Little Caesars would fire someone after they’ve been victimize—that would be a little too heavy-handed in the adding insult to injury department.

Be safe out there.

[via ABC 6]