Last week, disturbing video footage from a cop car’s dash-cam was released by the Chicago Police department showing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald being shot by Officer Jason Van Dyke 16 times back in 2014.

Details that emerged from the crime scene have been both grisly and highly controversial. The Daily Beast writes: “At the hearing, the judge revealed that prosecutors claim Van Dyke attempted to reload after emptying his entire 15-round magazine and a 16th chambered bullet into McDonald until another officer told him to hold his fire.” Complex News reports that “Van Dyke’s partner also told prosecutors that McDonald was still breathing when he hit the ground, but Van Dyke continued to fire.”

New information leaked about police officers allegedly deleting security-camera footage at a nearby Burger King is now causing further outcry, especially amongst conspiracy theorists.

NBC Chicago reports that a Burger King official says Chicago police investigated video footage captured by their cameras. “When they left, the store official said, the security video was missing.”


NBC Chicago just released screen grabs of one police officer near a “computer terminal.”

However, the Chicago Sun Times reports that “a forensic analysis for the FBI found ‘absolutely no evidence of tampering,'” despite the fact that there remains “an 86-minute gap in the Burger King tape,” and allegations that police officers were there for two hours.

A source for the Chicago Sun Times additionally said of Burger King’s surveillance network: “That system that Burger King has is a mess and it would break down in the weeks and months before this incident. There were major gaps everywhere.”

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