Kobe might not be having his best season on the court, but at least he’s eating well. After the L.A. Lakers took an L against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday, Kobe decided to focus on other important things—like food. The NBA reports Kobe was spotted taking his wife Vanessa out to eat at Waffle House so she could sample some scattered and smothered hash browns. Kobe introduced Vanessa to the iconic 24-hour chain, which makes him husband of the year.

#kobebryant and his #wife hit up #wafflehouse in #ATL after his game

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Waffle House must be a pretty great date spot, seeing as power couples Kimye and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend hit up the spot for a late-night double date back in February.

Kobe isn’t the only NBA legend to hit up the house. Here’s a brief history of the greatest NBA player moments at Waffle House:

Shaq gets pranked by ex-girlfriend Hoopz at Waffle House.

Back in 2010, Shaquille O’Neal was dating Flavor of Love reality star Hoopz. While on a breakfast date at Waffle House, Hoopz pranked Shaq by dumping some salt in his orange juice when he left to use the restroom. When he returned, he allegedly took a huge sip of his juice and the whole restaurant had a nice laugh.

Dwight Howard’s Waffle House buffet is legit.


Athletes that train like pros have to eat like pros. That’s why the Houston Rockets’ center gave his Instagram followers an inside look into just how much food he could consume in one sitting. It probably helps that the Waffle House food is so delicious.

Steph Curry spots an elusive nice-looking Waffle House.

Chances are, if you’re familiar with Waffle House, you know it’s not the the fanciest establishment around. Somehow, Steph Curry was able to find a “the nicest” Waffle House in existence. If only he gave us the details as to where this restaurant is located.

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