One of the greatest perks about being pregnant (besides, of course, experiencing the miracle of birth) is being allowed to eat whatever you want. After all, you are eating for two.

Despite being offered endless milkshakes and burgers from Wayback Burgers back in July, nine-month-pregnant Kim Kardashian still craves junk food.

Kim recently opened up to E! news about her pregnancy cravings which include Lay’s BBQ potato chips and plenty of sugary snacks. Kim told the news outlet that this past Thursday, she spent the day baking sugar cookies and penis-shaped Rice Krispies treats, saving one particularly large rice crispy for her mother Kris. Kardashian even indulged in beignets the night before.


While it’s no secret Kim has struggled with pregnancy issues in the past, Kardashian notes this time around she feels “fat as fuck” and her “cankles are out of control.” We feel you, Kim.

Kim explains she hopes to start eating healthy again during the final leg of her pregnancy in about six to seven weeks. Until then, our fingers are crossed that Kim can indulge in those doughnuts she missed out on during National Doughnut Day due to morning sickness.

[via E! News]