Without a doubt, 2015 has been a year filled with some of the most hilarious memes and biggest food fails the world has ever seen. And as with most viral content, many of the stories we came across were completely absurd and hilarious, with a touch of madness.

In preparation for the new year and its potential for zany food antics, we’ve compiled a list of stories that completely shocked us—ones that made us want to look away, but kept us clicking anyhow.

From one lucky man’s find in a fast-food meal, to Busta Rhyme’s unconventional weapon of choice, here are 10 of the craziest food-related news stories from 2015. 

Woman’s Food-Filled Walmart Joyride

Josseleen Lopez clearly understands how to make the most out of a trip to Walmart. After injecting herself with a little bit of methamphetamine, Lopez snacked her way through the aisles of Walmart while riding a motorized cart, munching on sushi, cinnamon rolls, a rotisserie chicken, and mini muffins, then washing all of it down with half a bottle of wine.

Mother Abandons Children At Waffle House To Go Bar Hopping

If anyone deserves an award for the most irresponsible mother, it is none other than Rhiannon Gentry. After getting a hankering for a few drinks, Gentry dropped three children (two twelve-year-olds and an eleven-year-old) off at a nearby Waffle House unattended while she drank across the street. A Waffle House waitress took notice once the children began to cry in the parking lot after they didn’t have enough money to pay for their meal. To make matters worse, only two of the children belonged to Gentry. The other child was a friend the family met earlier that day.

Woman Discovers Two-Way Mirror In Bar Bathroom

It’s a story straight out of your childhood nightmares: When comedian Tamale Rocks went to use the restroom at a bar she was performing at, she was shocked to find a full-length mirror facing the toilet. After doing a little investigating, Rocks found that behind the mirror was a door that doubled as a two-way mirror that enabled ‘pervs’ to catch a free show. When bar owner Ronnie Lotz spoke to Gawker about the incident, he explained, “I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror. Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us? We’re synonymous with Halloween. We do a freaky family fun day, and all the kids look in the mirror. This is a fun house, honey, and if you don’t like the two-way mirror, go fuck yourself.“ A grade-A response from a grade-A douchebag.

Manager-Employee Brawl At Panera


When it comes to employee-manager relations, this Manhattan Panera might need some extra TLC. After an employee broke the news of her resignation mid-shift to a manager, she began making a scene, screaming and throwing bags of chips in the restaurant. According to a statement sent to Gawker, out of nowhere a different manager appears and physically assaults the girl. The tipster explains that although the video makes it appear as though the woman initiated the altercation, the white shirt manager clearly was in control the entire time. Luckily, the woman was left with minimal injuries.

Lucky Man Finds $4500 in his Box of Bojangles

The only thing better than finding money in your pocket is stumbling upon a boat load of cash at a fast-food restaurant. When James Minor hit up his local Bonjangles for some lunch, he was disappointed to find his meal was cold. After returning his food for a new box, he was shocked to discover something even better than fried chicken— $4500. Instead of swooping the cash for himself, Minor decided to do the right thing and turn in his lot of money. Unfortunately, his good deed was met with a hostile manager who mistook Minor as a thief. Eventually, ass a reward for his efforts, the manager offered him a free meal and tailgate party with an additional $100 gift certificate from the company. After the response he received from the manager, Minor explains, “I deserve respect, an apologetic letter from the Bojangles’ company and probably a cash reward. What is a $100 gift certificate when you’re bringing in $4,500?”

Customer Leaves Racist Note for Waitress at a Thai Restaurant

Whenever you’re out to eat, one of the most important lessons you must learn is to be courteous to your waiter or waitress. Clearly one person does not understand this principle—nor any matter of human decency. A waitress at Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach, CA discovered that instead of a tip, her customer left an extremely racist note pointed at her status as an immigrant. The woman, who is in the U.S. legally on a working visa, hopes to get a green card soon to “give her two kids a better life.” If this tipper plans on eating international cuisines, he should really start thinking about who made his meals possible.

Man Finds a Dead Rat in His Subway Sandwich

2015 was disastrous for Subway. As if the Jared Fogle drama wasn’t enough for this sandwich chain, one Oregon man’s sub surprise truly served as the icing on the cake. After Matt Jones ordered his buddy Jay an Italian sammy, they discovered a dead rat hidden amongst the spinach leaves. According to KGW, the Health Department investigated the issue and determined that the rodent most likely did come from the bag of spinach. After the horrific ordeal, Jones and Jay decided against suing, but did file a complaint to ensure something like this would never happen again.

Busta Rhymes Uses Muscle Milk as His Weapon of Choice


It looks like Busta Rhymes will forever go down in history for more than just his game-changing raps. After a Steel Gym employee denied a camera crew inside to film Busta’s workout regime, Busta whipped out his personal weapon of choice—a bottle of strawberry Muscle Milk. Police were called to the scene, where the employee explained Rhymes hit him on the head with a 17-ounce container of a strawberry protein drink, making it possible for Busta to be charged for second-degree assault. When Rhymes’ lawyer was asked to make a statement, he explains, “It’s ridiculous, it was literally a bottle of Muscle Milk.”

Man Murders Brother by Force Feeding Him Potatoes

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We can’t fathom it either: A man murdered his brother in the most unconventional way possible by stuffing his throat with potatoes. According to the Daily Mail, the 55-year-old younger brother allegedly strangled his 57-year-old brother while simultaneously stuffing spuds down his throat in a drunken brawl. When the younger brother realized what he was doing might actually kill his brother, he called an ambulance, but unfortunately he was too late. The victim was found dead after the paramedics arrived.

Guy Allegedly Finds Rat Head Hidden in His McDonald’s Hamburger

A McDonald’s in Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico was forced to close after a photo of a severed rodent head inside a burger surfaced on the Internet. The McDonald’s claims the situation was staged, promising, “It will prosecute whoever planted a rodent’s head in one of its hamburgers.”