While some restaurants realized tipping should be a thing of the past, and Southern Californians figured out just how delicious Hawaiian food is, our friends over at Google and Foursquare were crunching data, sorting through all of your food and booze related searches to find out what you ate and drank this year—or at least what you thought about, searched for, and then never cooked. And what did they find?

Some surprises, like this year’s zero to hero, gose, a salty, sour beer that has swept the craft scene over these past 12 months.

(Photo: Liz Barclay)

They fell into a comfortable number two in Google’s list behind Bud Light’s cocktail inspired Mixxtail line, but still ended up way ahead of Miller High Life, the only traditional domestic lager from one of the big producers on the list. And more than just the gose, craft beer in general took over America’s online suds searches. Grapefruit beer, like 2015’s darling Grapefruit Sculpin from Ballast Point, came in at number three on the list, with beers from Abita, Sweetwater and Firestone Walker all making the top 10. You can find the full list below.

Google Data for Top Food/Drink Trends

Top Trending Beer

Bud Light Mixxtail
Gose Beer
Grapefruit Beer
805 Beer
SweetWater 420
Blue Moon
Abita Purple Haze
Wild Blue Beer
Miller High Life

Top Trending Cocktails

Moscow Mule
Long Island Iced Tea
Sex on the Beach

Top Trending Recipes

Pumpkin Seeds
Sweet potato fries
Philly cheese steak
Apple pie

Craft beef wasn’t the only trend sweeping the alcohol world this past year though, as Foursquare’s research came up with 147 new distilleries that opened in 2015, further proving how heavily craft alcohol in general is pushing into the mainstream.




As far as food goes, Greek yogurt killed the game and fried chicken sandwiches popped up everywhere (thank you David), which were no doubt accompanied by lots of sweet potato fries, Google’s number two searched recipe in 2015.

(Photo: Liz Barclay)

2015 saw a marked decline in America’s obsession with food trucks, as the mobile eateries saw 21% less traffic this past January than the previous. You can view Foursquare’s entire year-end data graphic here.

Looking towards the future, though, Foursquare is predicting a boom in Latin American cuisine in 2016, with more folks mentioning cacao and coconut milk, and the end of 2015 seeing higher rates of dining at Caribbean, Cuban and Peruvian restaurants.