Throughout the past year, we’ve seen some pretty incredible fishing hauls, ranging from 800-pound sharks all the way to seven-foot halibuts. While each are impressive and terrifying in their own ways, nothing can quite trump this fisherman’s mystery fish.

According to UPI, a Chinese fisherman’s strength was put to the ultimate test as he fought to reel in a massive fish. Despite a group of onlookers attempting to help the man hook his catch, he was ultimately yanked into the water by his formidable foe.

While there is no intel on what aquatic beast caused this mishap, a kayaker fishing off the coast of Florida experienced a similar trauma this past June with a shark. Video footage shows the man being dragged in his kayak as the shark pulls him through the ocean. The man loses his fight against the fish as he tips over and falls into the water—a terrifying finale when you think about the number of shark attacks North Carolina experienced this summer.

[via UPI]