If you tuned into last night’s Dallas Mavericks game against the Atlanta Hawks, you might have snuck a peak at the Mavericks’ power forward Dirk Nowitzki carrying a tin foil plate of food—similar to the kind you bring home after a huge Thanksgiving meal.

A little digging will show you this is far from Nowitzki’s first time doing this. Carrying tin foil plates of food to games is kind of his thing.

SB Nation compiled a handful of Vines featuring Nowitzki and his tin foil plate partner strolling through the stadium throughout the years. Take a peak:

Dirk looking dapper in a suit and tie with his plate back in 2013:

Dirk pulling off the disgruntled snow day look with his food in 2014:

Nowitzki Ringing in the new year with his trusty plate by his side in January 2015:

If you’re wondering why Dirk might do such a thing, it’s because he’s extremely particular about his diet. In an interview with Sports Day, Nowitzki notes his pregame meal ritual is a necessity in order to perform his best. He explains,

My pre-game meal is always pasta, has to be, if not I’m like rattled. Sometimes the hotels on the road don’t have pasta; it messes with my mind a little bit. Back in the days when I didn’t have pasta at home, I would make myself pasta, in a big pot; I know how to do that. But I couldn’t make any sauce, so what I was doing is just put a little butter, maybe a little salt and I was ready to roll.

After all, professional athlete diets can’t all revolve around McDonald’s and 10,000 calorie meals.

[via SB Nation]