The Domino’s pizza tracker app is a great way to locate your order. It is also, apparently, a good way to find fugitives that are too dumb to go pick up their own pizza.

And so continues the saga of Ethan Couch, the ‘Affluenza Teen’ who killed four people as a drunk driving teen in 2013 and escaped with no jail time because he was befallen to ‘affluenza,’ which Couch’s doctor defined as an inability to tell right from wrong due to his upbringing in an affluent family.

According to Mashable, Couch is serving 10 years probation that began as a 16-year-old. As part of his probation he is obviously not allowed to drink, drive a car, or use drugs.

Earlier this month. video surfaced online of Ethan playing drinking games, and shortly after, he and his mom vanished—both clear violations of his restrictions.

If you suffer from the same ‘disease’ as Ethan Couch, though, you probably have no idea that you did anything wrong, so while on vacation down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico—where you’re definitely not allowed to be—you should probably also dye your hair a different color—not because you’re on the run or anything, but for fashion.

And while Ethan was enjoying his family vacation, he decided to order some pizza. But when you’re in a foreign land, you want familiarity, so Ethan ordered from Domino’s. The phone call was seen by authorities, who went to the condo complex the Couch’s were staying at. While Ethan and his mom had already left that spot, the manager of the complex pointed them in the right direction, where agents staked out the teenage fugitive.

After stopping the Couch’s and finding them without proper identification, the ‘affluenza teen’ and his mom were handed off to immigration agents, where they are set to be sent back to the U.S. today.

The best part of the story? Ethan and his mom threw a going away party before they ‘escaped’ down to Mexico. We’re guessing there was some booze, drugs, and horrible decision making involved, but probably also some Domino’s—Ethan’s true weakness.

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