Taking the train to work bites, especially in the winter. To add some joy to an otherwise miserable experience, a group of friends in Wales decided to turn their 8:08am train from Abergavenny to Cardiff into a mobile Christmas party.

ITV reports that, on a packed train, the friends found a table, put down place setting, hung streamers, and popped prosecco. The train was so packed that the party people had to sit with someone they didn’t know; he’s the guy in the picture not wearing a goofy party hat.


Chris Lines, the man responsible for the turnt-up commute, just wanted to bring a little Christmas spirit to his friends’ ride into work. “We thought ‘why don’t we have a Christmas party?” he told ITV. “We brought along prosecco, smoked salmon and sausages and we even had paper chains on the windows and pulled crackers.”

As for the guy who was chilling at their table trying to get some work done? “We asked him if he minded lifting up his laptop so we could put our Christmas tablecloth on,” Lines said. “He looked at us as if we were crazy, but he soon got into the swing of things.” .


And how could he not? With this group of middle-aged people in lace crowns drinking out of champagne flutes with tiny umbrellas in them, could you say that you wouldn’t lift up your laptop and crack a smile? The crew even got a Twitter shoutout from Arriva Trains, the company that owns the train they were riding.

Did they pack their sausages into tupperware and cork their prosecco once they got to work for the train ride home? Sadly not. As Lines explains, “The train home is dominated by city dwellers. I don’t think they have the same spirit as us Abergavenny lot.”

We could use some more people like you Abergavenny lot, Chris—a lot more.

[via ITV]