In a world where people can visit Osama Bin Laden-themed bars and penis-themed restaurants, the latest addition to California’s San Gabriel Valley is relatively tame. However, Private Party Restaurant is still quite strange. The eatery specializes in hot pot but it is also Communism-themed, writes LA Weekly. Yes, the latest hot-pot hot spot is themed after Mao Zedong’s China.


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While owner Jessica Zhang notes that “sometimes people get a bit offended,” that isn’t stopping the servers from wearing Red Guard military uniforms featuring both the hat with the star and the red armbands. Even the plain black shoes “are a flashback to the era of Mao.” Even the cooking method harkens back to the Communist era. Items are boiled in a copper pot that is filled with hot coals. Zhang explains: “Back in the day, before electricity, the coals are what heated the entire hot pot.”


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The restaurant is even decorated with 1960s-style propaganda posters. However, the Chinese text writes LA Weekly’s Clarissa Wei isn’t quite what you would expect. Instead the posters feature cheeky lines like “You need to come frequently to this restaurant!” and “If you don’t eat, how will you have the strength to lose weight?”


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Zhang reveals that she decided to open the restaurant because “Commie-themed eateries” are currently in vogue in Northern China, where she is from. So Zhang and three others decided to bring the “fun”concept to California.

Private Party Restaurant isn’t the first controversial themed restaurant to set up shop in the San Gabriel Valley either. The area is also home to Uncle Yu’s Indian Restaurant which features waitresses decked out in Native American-inspired clothing serving up Taiwanese street food.

[via LA Weekly]