It feels straight-up awful to drive home, dip into a freshly received order of fast food, and realize the restaurant screwed up your order. That’s why we sympathize with Minnesota Viking’s head coach Mike Zimmer, who recently ordered two cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, only to later discover he was snubbed of one burger. He explains,

“I went to McDonald’s on the way home because I was hungry and ordered two cheeseburgers and I only got one. That’s the kind of week it’s been,”

We feel you, Mike.

He explains he didn’t feel the need to go back and change his order because after that loss, the town probably wasn’t too happy with the coach. Zimmer states, “They probably did [know who I am]. That’s probably why I only got one.”

But it looks like Mike Zimmer and the Vikings’ luck is on the come up. McDonald’s caught wind of the incident on Wednesday and tweeted out a golden opportunity:

Now, Zimmer and his team will get to go in on 100 burgers thanks to the generosity of McDonald’s. And it looks like the Vikings’ are pretty stoked about the deal, too. Maybe the golden arches will even send over some of the chain’s latest taste crafted burgers for the team to indulge on.

[via ESPN]