When coffee just isn’t enough, Red Bull is always there for us. But its easy to get a little too reliant on the energy drink.

The New York Post reports that two city workers, Petronila Peralta and Cherrise Watson-Jackson, have allegedly stolen $2.1 million worth of food stamps and rental subsidies. Instead of investing the dirty money on something practical, the dynamic duo decided to turn around and buy $120,000 worth of Red Bull.

Peralta was allegedly able to dive into the welfare benefits system to administer over $600,000 worth of fake benefits to 140 ineligible recipients. With the help of recruiters, Peralta was able to find people on welfare willing to cash in their information in exchange for cash, ultimately causing her to be fired back in 2014.

On the opposite end, Watson-Jackson drove illegal benefits to the duo’s accomplices using electronic benefit transfer cards.

Over the course of five months, the criminals were able to use the $120,000 to buy their coveted Red Bull. Now, Peralta and Watson-Jackson face charges of fraud along with eleven other co-conspirators who the New York Post notes helped the criminals between 2008 and 2013.

Someone should really tell these girls to be careful. Too much Red Bull and they could go blind.

[via NY Post]