The complete sriracha-fication of everything has been in effect for while now, but it seems to have gone into overdrive this year. In just a few months we’ve seen the chili sauce show up everywhere from Chick-Fil-A to its own snack line. Still, we never expected to see the condiment show up in a tub of Chobani Greek yogurt.

BuzzFeed News sat down with Chobani to discuss the company’s plans to increase its slumping sales by introducing 16 new flavors, two of which adhere to the “sweet and spicy” trend.

The brand’s Sriracha Mango yogurt features a “flip” cup design with Sriracha-flavored chips, cashews, and sesame sticks to add into mango-flavored yogurt. Along with a Sriracha Mango flavor, Chobani will also launch a Chipotle Pineapple flavor and PB&J, as well as light and whole milk yogurt varieties.

Greek yogurt sales have been on a steady decline in recent years, slowing down from double-digit growth all the way to 5.5% in 2015. With the introduction of the new products, Chobani is expected to increase sales by 11%.


Image: BuzzFeed

As countless articles and documentaries detail the problems associated with milk, dairy brands like Chobani have begun to feel the pressure. Just last week, Pepsico discontinued its joint-venture with Müller yogurt.

But Chobani, along with countless other brands, hope that slapping the Sriracha label on a product will reel in the sales. The yogurt brand even has a Pinterest board dedicated to teaching fans how to make the most out of the yogurt, including recipes and inspiration for kid’s lunch boxes.

In no time we might be seeing Sriracha-flavored everything on the shelves, as the magical sauce could be the answer struggling brands are searching for.

[via BuzzFeed News]