Chipotle’s struggles don’t show any signs of slowing down. Just days after CEO Steve Ells publicly apologized to customers affected by the chain’s E. coli outbreak, a Boston mother has filed a lawsuit against the chain. 

Andrea C. Dow’s 16-year-old son Alexander Keough was one of the 140 people who fell ill after eating at a Chipotle in Cleveland Circle a little over a week ago. Eventually she took him to a local hospital, where the family incurred $350 for his treatment. Dow explains, “[H]e was so sick he was almost catatonic. He was sheet white. His heart was racing.”

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Now, Dow is seeking damages and reimbursements for the medical and legal costs associated with her son’s care. According to the Boston Globe, the lawsuit may be the first of many related to the norovirus outbreak that shut down the Boston location. The store incurred three major health violations, including a sick employee who came to work and improperly prepared meat for service.

Bill Marler, the lawyer leading the case, has stated his plans to hold Chipotle responsible for its alleged negligence. He explains he has contacted the affected Boston College students and expects to file more lawsuits after the students return from their winter break.

As Dow explains, “We believed in the brand. I feel a little duped.”

Dow argues that Chipotle knew about the health concerns affecting locations across the nation and now must pay for its irresponsible actions.

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[via The Boston Globe]