If you thought Luke Bryan’s toilet cake and this meat filled cake/sandwich were bizarre, just take a look at this “human cake” made in China. It features a naked torso made out of cake, shackled to a table.

An actor with a terrifying painted face was hired to rest his head at the top of the confection and scream for his life.

The dessert was featured at China’s 1905 Creative Culture Park and was free to anyone gutsy enough to try and swipe a slice. The cake itself, which was made by the Chinese bakery Ai Si Wei Ni, was filled with a red and pink jam to mimic the inside of the human body each time a guest cut a slice.

Video footage shows guests looking thoroughly entertained as they cut into the sadistic cake and watched the actor scream in agonizing pain. A child can even be seen hacking off one of the cake’s shackled arms.


[via Daily Mail]