Dallas-based chef John Tesar isn’t exactly shy about speaking his mind—he did respond to a relatively favorable review of his restaurant Knife by publicly telling the critic “f*ck you,” after all. Still, it’s a little surprising to see that the most recent target of his fiery word darts is Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain. In a recent profile in Playboy, Tesar opened up about his true feelings regarding the TV star and held nothing back.

He explains that since he has been around in the restaurant industry for four decades, “that’s why I can shit on Bourdain.” While Tesar acknowledges that Bourdain is an “amazing writer and storyteller” he calls him “one of the shittiest chefs that ever lived.” Ouch. “The guy can’t cook his way out of a paper bag,” proclaimed Tesar. “Everywhere he goes he makes Portuguese fish stew, beef bourguignon, or he brings Eric Ripert with him to do something.”

This isn’t the first time Tesar has started up with Bourdain. A couple of years ago in an interview with The Braiser, Tesar made a comment about Bourdain’s first wife. Bourdain’s second wife, jiu jitsu enthusiast Ottavia Bourdain, apparently go pissed off by them, and things have been tumultuous ever since.

In the Playboy interview, Tesar calls Bourdain weak compared to his wives: “[Ottavia] wears the pants. Trust me. He’s always been ragged around by his dick. A lot of guys are. It’s nice that he always marries women with strong personalities to take are of him because then he can just wander around, get stoned, drink, and tell stories. He’s like f*cking Ernest Hemingway.” Bourdain has yet to respond.

In addition to his choice words for Bourdain, Tesar also offers up his thoughts on marijuana (“I smoke pot. I don’t care. I got a ticket the other day for pot paraphernalia for $225”) and even Donald Trump: “To a certain extent Donald Trump has a point.” ¯\_()_/¯
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