Bathing in ramen is said to be good for the skin and metabolism, so it makes sense that some of the world’s biggest celebrities have hopped on the ramen-bath trend. Drake likes to wind down in a bowl of vegetable ramen, while Beyonce prefers dancing through a bowl filled with chashu pork.

Check out these intimate photos of your favorite athletes, musicians, and TV and film stars relaxing in steaming bowls of noodles and broth. Thank you, based Instagram god @celebrities_in_ramen, for bringing us these sensational ramen-bath snaps.

Drake ramen

Frank Underwood ramen

Bey ramen

Oprah ramen

Harry Styles ramen

Brett Favre ramen

Carmen Electra ramen

Bill Murray ramen

Jackie Chan ramen

David Beckham ramen

Rupert Murdoch ramen

Khaleesi ramen

House ramen