Here’s something that doesn’t happen every day: Ian Sklarsky, a resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn, was waiting for the subway when a man approached him and randomly punched him in the face with a partially unwrapped Snickers bar. That would have been the end of the scuffle if Sklarsky didn’t call after the assailant, who then came back to punch him five more times, leaving him with a bruised nose, black eye, and two split lips.

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Despite there being twelve witnesses on the subway platform at the time, no one tried to stop the instigator from beating the man up. Although, one witness did call 911.

Sklarsky tells Gothamist,”it was so out of the blue. All of a sudden he shoved it into my face, and in my mouth. It was kind of a face punch of sorts, but with a candy bar.” Sklarsky explains that throughout his five years living in the city, he has never experienced anything quite like this.

“I was like, fuck. My whole New York experience has been great. You hear stories about what happens in the city, but now it’s a story that’s happened to me.”

The NYPD has arrested and confirmed that thirty-five-year-old Eliexer Reyes was the man who attacked Sklarsky. He now faces charges for assault that caused injury and disorderly conduct. Reyes is currently incarcerated with a $500 bail.

[via Gothamist]